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AP File sizes and AP file information

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 Affinity Photo. Can the Document menu have an additional section to show the current open image sizes and file size? Options in unit of length and/or pixels PX and/or DPI.

Very confused as to what type of file I am opening and re-editing.

Edited an image and saved as a xxxx.afphoto.  57.5Mb file size (viewed in windows file explorer). 4500px by 3000px at 15"by 10" Aspect ratio 1:1.5 (3:2)

Exported file to a xxxx96DPI.jpg at 80% compression as a 96 DPI file. File Saved. Closed image.

Re-opened the same xxx96DPI.jpg image and the information for this file below the menu bar is the same as that for the original XXXX.afphoto file.

Click on the move tool and in the top left "Background pixel 300DPI" is shown. Click on the crop tool and the pixel count is (Absolute Dimensions) 4500 by 3000 as it should be but the image "Unconstrained" size is 15" by 10" even though the image file loaded in is titled xxx96DPI.jpg.

The Resize Document is opened and the size is 15" by 10" or in pixels is 4500px by 3000px and the DPI is 300. The image open on screen is xxxx96DPI.jpg.

Untick the Resample and manually change the DPI to 96 and then the information for a 96DPI image is then shown.

Why does one have to do this manually?

Cannot appear to find a way of vewing the image properties for the current file that is open in Affinity Photo.!! Unless I am not looking in the right place.

Can the dialogue box be changed to offer more choice of information and options as per other photo software?

Could an additional line be added in the "Document" menu to give a reminder of the currently opened image file size and image information?



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I think I have worked the issue out but it is complicated due to there is no information on the file and image information in Affinity Photo, other than going into Windows file explorer to find the file information.

a) Image file worked on and edited saved as xxxx.afphoto. information on screen below menu - 4500 by 3000 13.5Mp etc etc - 15 inch by 10 inch.

b) Export to JPEG at best quality 100%  4500 px by 3000px File size 13.77MB. Close xxxx.afphoto .

c) Open xxxx.jpg 4500 by 3000 13.5Mp  etc etc  15 inch by 10 inch at 300DPI    - "All is well so far."

d) Document Resize 96 DPI then tick resample - 1440px by 960px  Crop Tool Absolute Dimensions 1440px by 960px  - 15 inch by 10 inch. "So far so good!"  1440px divided by 96DPI = 15 inches.

Click on Hand -View Tool and display 1440px by 960 px - 1.3Mp.  Click on Move Tool and in top left below menus displays Background (Pixel) 96 DPI.  "All is good."

e) File menu and save.

f) File menu and close the jpg file.

g) Click on Open and re-open the same jpg file.

h) Click on Hand - View Tool and display is 1440px by 960px 1.38Mp etc etc. Click on Move Tool and Background is now showing 300DPI. Click on Crop Tool Absolute Dimensions Pixels 1440px by 960px but image size is now 4.8 inches by 3.2inches.  This should be 15 inches by 10 inches if the file I saved originally was at 96DPI. The pixel count is shown correctly as 1440px by 960px which is the same as the Windows File Explorer image file information, but Affinity Photo does not seem able to show the correct DPI when opening a file saved at 96DPI.  The Resize Document has reverted back to 300 DPI but the pixel is still 1440px by 960px.

With no image information available within Affinity Photo then other than checking file explorer there is no way to determine whether the file opened is correct.

Could go on to and thinking that the file is not actually 300DPI and redo the resample and resize at 96DPI and degrade the image. Because each time the same file is re-opened afffinty photo keeps going back to 300DPI. It just goes around and around defaulting back to 300DPI as the image file becomes ever more degraded.

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Hi CedarHouse,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

There's currently a known issue/conflict with original image's metadata that's probably causing the issues you are experiencing. When exporting to JPG, click the More button and uncheck Embed metadata. Then check the exported file. It should have set the dpi correctly. We hope to have this fixed in a future update.

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thanks MEB. Uncheck works okay. Will have to remember in future to indicate the save resolution of the image with XXXX72DPI.jpg or XXXX96DPI.jpg.

I saved some previous images at 72DPI for display on a digital projector and when I opened them in Affinity Photo they were indicating 300DPI and got horribly confused with wether they were correctly saved originally.

Went through several different scenarios of file exporting before I realised what was happening.

The issue I may have and may need to work around is that the images I submit for digital projection have to be less than two years old. If the EXIF or MetaData is missing then it could cause a small difficulty.

As long as I remember to give the file name the DPI that I am exporting, then it should be okay to keep the Embed metadata checked so that the image date is still available.

If I export without the DPI added to the file name and months later I will have forgotten what they were saved at.

Would be nice to have some way of clicking another box in resize document that preserves the original file size and DPI of the image, so that one could step back a stage. A print version at 300 DPI or similar and a projected version at 72 or 96DPI.

The Projected display size at this time is limited to 1400px by 1050px and the image needs fit in that size at the correct aspect ration of the original image and also be less than 2.0MB.

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After looking through this very interesting exchange, I am asking myself "Why do I want to even consider using AP as a major editing tool?"  I have found a few features (the Inpainting Brush.....not found anything as good in CC) and the Selection features that are great. But it is discussions like yours that have almost convinced me that I should consider AP as maybe another "Plugin" to supplement CC but just a little more difficult to access.

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Hi skepticaldad,

All applications have bugs, in particular when they are new and coded from scratch as ours. The issue described above is due to a known bug that's logged to be fixed (I believe it was fixed already for the next update but I have to confirm this first). CC have been around for more than two decades. I don't think it's fair to compare the two and expect the same level of features/polish with apps of this complexity at this point. Affinity Photo has only three years (on the Mac where it was released first). If you feel that Affinity Photo doesn't fulfil your requirements keep using your current software or try Affinity at a later stage. We are doing everything we can to fix the bugs and close the gaps to other apps (feature wise) as possible.

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