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Alpha channel bug in plug-in API

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I’m the author of the Flaming Pear plug-ins. Recently, customers have asked for support for Affinity Photo.


It appears the plug-ins don’t quite work correctly because Affinity often misreports the pixel format. In particular, 


- the FilterRecord’s filterCase field always contains the undefined value zero


- four-plane RGB+A data is reported as just three planes. So plug-ins are unable to access the alpha channel, which, upon exit, is full of garbage values.


I’ve attached a document summarizing how Photoshop and Affinity report the pixel data differently. If this could be fixed, it would likely repair the compatibility problem with many vendors' plug-ins.



-Lloyd Burchill




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Lloyd Burchill,


Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums.


I have move your post to this "Bugs on Mac" forum, I hope that is OK


Thanks for your report. I will report your useful findings to the developers.

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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I am running 1.5.2 of Affinity Photo, and I still experience the above reported problem with Flaming Pear Flood 2 plugin. Should I download the latest beta to see if the problem has been solved?

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