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Affinity iPad "curves" adjustment is blank.

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Hi sanoy,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Tap the button from where you have selected the Curves adjustment previously - but instead of selecting "Curves" select "Adjustments" (scroll the list in the popover that will appear if you are not seeing it). This will display a list of thumbnails of all the adjustments available - tap the Curves Adjustment thumbnail from that thumbnail list. Then look at the context toolbar on bottom at tap the Spline icon to open the Curves graph to adjust it.

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8 hours ago, erickb said:

it is not intuitive at all ...  hours to find a very simple curve tool hidden who knows where

All adjustments are stored inside the adjustments studio (right hand side)

addustmentstudio.png.62d5e8b25487ef0bfc88c323d2c6a1e6.png Adjustments Studio icon

Adjustments are stored in alphabetical order, Curves coming under 'C' for Curves


Tap on Curves and you get a Context Menu, tap on the representation of a graph for a Curve panel. You can decide on if the curve adjusts all channels or just R, G, B or Alpha. Pretty standard stuff.


then just tap and drag.


All adjustments are found in the same Adjustment Studio.

I don't know about "Intuitive" but that all seems entirely logical to me.

If you are talking about the Develop Persona ?

Again, follow exactly the same logic, tap on the Adjustments icon and tap/drag on the curve


I honestly don't see how it could be any simpler?

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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9 hours ago, toltec said:

I honestly don't see how it could be any simpler?

Unfortunately the iPad version has a built in trap for beginners.

If you tap on the Adjustment Studio and simply scroll down the list of filters, you will find Curves and be able to adjust to your hearts content.

If you tap the Adjustment category at the top of the Adjustment Studio menu and then select Curves, yikes! .... nothing there.

When you investigate and find that this is how you access your 'stored' presets it becomes much clearer. Unfortunately the different actions are not explained in the Help Files.


IPad Pro 10.5/512GB iOS 12.4. Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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