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Do any of you know how to fix a lazy eye? My right eye is a little more closed than my left eye when professional pictures are taken. This is really frustrating for me and I want to fix it with this application. Just not sure how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 





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In many photos, it may be possible to Select & Copy the good eye, Paste it (Pref on a new layer),Transpose it Horizontally, move it on top of the bad eye, then use re-size & cloning tools to ensure position, reflections and colors merge seamlessly. Sorry, I don't have a vid of the process. Googling "eye replacement in photo" might result in some choices.

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Two things, mathewdds...


First, what you are describing is not "lazy eye" (also called amblyopia). Amblyopia typically causes one orbit (eyeball) to deviate left or right, and is a defect primarily of the orbital muscles. What you describe is called "ptosis," which is a drooping of a lid.


Second, and more to the point, I think the way to fix this is to use the Liquify tool. Having given that advice, I must say that I am anything but expert at liquifying. But I tried it. I downloaded a picture from the web of a man with a ptotic eyelid. The "before" picture is shown below.




I duplicated the layer and, with that duplicated layer selected, went into the Liquify persona. I "froze" upper part of the upper lid and the eyebrow (so they wouldn't move) and pulled the lid up until its contour matched the good eye (in this case, the fellow's right eye). This is where my LACK of expertise shows up! After that, I found that I had deformed the iris and pupil terribly, so I did what jer (in the post above) suggested; I selected, copied, pasted, and horizontally flipped the good iris and pupil and positioned these over left side. The result is below.



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