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[AD] How warp / distort object without warp /distort tool

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I have traced logo in Affinity Designer. I have object open book cover. I want simply put logo adjusted to cover. Idea ilustrate sample picture:




On X and Y axis is simple - click on object, put value in navigator or move by Move Tool [V]. Using small circle I can rotate object. I want distort object to achieve effect similar to circle with shape on the left before text Dodo Case - it is what I mean by adjust in Z axis. Normally I would use distort or mesh tool but in AD is not available. I try select object and use Node Tool [A] to make this, but I'm not very happy with result. I have logo with man with a lot of points and adjusting this is quite troublesome (I have two groups - first is a complicated shape and second are bunch of simple circles). I try use S in Navigation to shear object and is at this time the best option for me.


So then only available option is use Node Tool or S in navigation to achieve adjustation on Z axis or maybe can you sugest me another and better aproach?

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Hi Affi.usr,


Welcome to the Forums :)


Using shearing would really be the only way to do this unless you also use Affinity Photo. We have had a few feature requests in the past for the Perspective Tool from Photo to be added to Designer so its something me may consider in the future.



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Hi Callum,


thank you for your answer!


I hope this tool will be available on vector editing in AD. I can't edit element on the same time on AP and AD as I suggested here. If it will be posible I can make this faster what I want. At this stage of development is start project in AD, few times make adjustation in AP and is too long for me.

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On 9/28/2017 at 6:46 AM, Tamauro said:

As much as I love AD the fact that is still not possible to distort an object is the reason why I can not use it for my job. I would strongly suggest to make this improvement a priority because I know that "distortion" is an operation that vector designers use a lot in their work.

3.5 years later and it is still not available. A vector distort tool is among the few most important tools that are BASIC for a pro vector app, why does the affinity Team still not get this, it is really not understandable. I still have to switch back to FreeHand for this - an app that went out of the market 15 YEARS AGO, but that was WAY AHEAD of Affinity designer.

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