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Do we have an ETA regarding raw files from Photos?

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Sorry that a complaint is my first post, but i wanted to see if there is a ETA for this 'feature'


Having spent a lot more on this app than i have on any other IOS app i was very disappointed that the option to open raw files is very limited, and Ive instantly gone back to Lightroom mobile because of this, even though I believe Affinity is the better program.

This is a serious limitation IMO, and makes for a very crippled workflow when out and about.


As other IOS apps can do it i feel there is absolutely no excuse, IMO, why Affinity cant, other than its not been written in to the app. I'm sure its coming but it would be nice to know if its sooner rather than later. For now Ive taken the program off but will put it back on when we get this sorted.


Other than that, great program :-)

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Hi Dave_bass5,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

We are aware of these workflow issues in particular with Photos app and will do our best to solve them when possible. There's no eta for this as you may guess but we are looking into it.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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Thanks for the welcome and the speedy reply. .

My normal outdoors workflow is shoot raw, transfer to iPad Pro using SD card adaptor, quick edit and upload to social media. Having to upload a series of large (30MB+) raw files to the cloud, and then back down again just isn't practical, both in terms of speed and cost as this would be over 3G or 4G.


Ill keep an eye out for a future update but for now ill stick to a more compatible app.

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