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Vivien Garcia

[AFPhoto] New layer from selection apply anormalous feather

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Hi there


Perhaps I didn't understand something, but I get problems creating a new layer with from the content of a rectangular selection in a pixel layer by using cmd + J or copying into a new layer. No matter what, I get a feater effect applied on the newly created content, and part of my selection is missing. I suppose this is a bug, since my feather value is 0px.


Really annoying when trying to do pixel art or UI.


Now, pics or it didn't happen.


My selection:




What I get (I've hidden the layer below for legibility) :




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Hi Vivien Garcia


I'm not able to replicate any unexpected behaviour. I may get a slight bit of aliasing dut to the seleciton being on partial pixels but thoughts about it. I notice what you are selecting is a gradient, perhaps it is the actual gradient you are seeing but this is difficult to tell form a screenshot. Are you able to provide an example file at all?



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Hi Meb


So, this is unbelievable. I checked the Force Pixel Alignment when working on my UI bits and it was active. And now, having nothing changed, it works! I can't even say that it's because I've restarted AFPhoto because I tried that before without success.


So, It looks like it works, but there is more to this bug, and somehow it sees to be related to this bug I had on AFDesigner http://bit.ly/2sivUvx, with visual glitches and positioning aberrations that disapeared relaunching the app. Not the same bugs, but the fact that relaunching the app seems to adress the problem is a consistency behavior I'm a lot more used on Windows than on OS X, which is pretty bad.


At least, thanks @Meb and @Chris_K for helping me. Sorry I didn't saw your posts earlier, here is the file I was working on, perhaps it'll help the staff to understand what's happenning:


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I have something similar happening occasionally.  If I have a selection and then create a mask, it sometimes has all this spurious stuff that should be excluded show as not excluded, and sometimes its square/rectangular blocks.  See my post earlier today.

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