Affinity Photo iPad storage space problem

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WARNING: Do NOT just hit save on projects hoping they will be safe in your Files app under “On my iPad”, they will also be deleted. Move them out of that folder and into a iCloud-based directory, otherwise you’ll bite the same lime I did.

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@Dash Yes it’s a bit of a trap. One would expect that files 'Saved' to the iPad would stay saved. Affinity seem to have a different approach. Your projects will be saved in the Affinity Photo folder on the iPad (viewable in Files app) when you tap Save in the Project screen, but as MEB pointed out in the previous post, if you then uninstall the Affinity Photo you also delete its associated 'Save' folder on the iPad. It should at least ask 'Do you want to delete saved projects on this iPad?', before deleting.

IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 11.3  Affinity Photo 1.67.76 store version.

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