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In the new document dialogue if I specify - Document Type: Print, I'd expect the app to default to CMYK throughout, though of course if I did want to use RGB colours I'd want to be able to depart from the CMYK spec on an ad hoc basis.


Currently, the colour mixer appears to default to Hue regardless of any changes I make in places that look like they might set this up. Is that how it behaves or have I missed something?


I've searched the forum - no one appears to have raised this already.




(I don't know if it's preferable for me to create a new topic for each observation or list them in one, I'll presume a topic per observation unless guided otherwise)

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One topic per observation works best for us.


I agree with you about the colour defaults - the "print / photo / web" combo only went in recently, and it should be setting colour model when you use it - we'll fix that asap.


We find that designers will often use one colour chooser, irrespective of what they are working on - some guys use the HSL wheel all the time, some CMYK sliders, etc. So, at the moment, Affinity just remembers what you last set the panel to show you.


It's worth bearing in mind that all documents have 4 ICC profiles in Affinity - CMYK,RGB,Grey,Lab - and the colour mixer shows profiled colour always. For example, start an RGB document and look at the HSL wheel. Then convert the document to CMYK - you will notice the wheel looks different - because it is showing you how your chosen HSL colour would look at output time, after conversion to your chosen CMYK profile!





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Hi Andy


Thanks for the guidance.


> the "print / photo / web" combo only went in recently

That explains it.


> designers will often use one colour chooser,

Yes I'm sure you're right. I was trying to think last night what the circumstances were when I depart from CMYK in a 'for print' project. I know I do during the process of creating the artwork, but will have to consciously note and observe the behaviour in the wild in order to articulate here if appropriate, if you follow.


Last paragraph - interesting. I'll have a look at that.


*** The gradient tool seems very good btw. Adobe's are a bit of a bane. Have you a space on the forum for praise?



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Praise is welcomed in all areas of the forum, hehe ;)


We're trying to be pretty active on the forum, so generally we'll read everything written and try to help when we can :)

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