[AP OSX] Exporting/Saving a file that was opened via drag'n'drop or Open With... doesn't remember the location of the original file

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Tested on the MAS 1.6.6 version of AP for macOS Sierra and the latest beta version


Broken behavior:

1. open a file via Finder. eg by dragging it onto Affinity or by right-clicking->Open With... 

2. chose Save As... or Export...

3. Affinity Photo (and possibly AD too?) doesn't navigate you to the folder where the original file resided, neither can the folder be found under the Recent Places inside the Where? section of the Save/Open Dialog



Expected behavior:

Should be the same as opening the file from the Open... menu inside AP.

after openning the file via the Open... menu, if you... 

a) click Save As... the Save Dialog is pointing to the folder where the original file is located 

b) click Export... the Save dialog points to the last export location, but at least the Recent Places inside the Where? section of the Dialog contain the path where the original file is located.


Hope this helps!

It's been eating me for a long time, and I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was wrong! :P

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this happens not only on the beta version of AP,

but also on the MAS versions of both products Affinity Designer 1.6 (MAS) and Affinity Photo 1.6.6 (MAS)

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This is exactly what I complained about since AD and AP hit the market. Any other lousy application remembers the original location, but not the Affinity apps.


IMHO nobody cares about this bug or the wrong EXIF data for printing sizes. It shouldn't be too hard to correct these two bugs for professional use - this is what Affinity/Serif claims to enter.


Now I am waiting for Pixelmator Pro to be released end of November - the current version remembers the original locations, writes clean EXIF data and even supports pen pressure with a tablet.


I need reliable tools, not toys.

hobbyists discuss new camera features

photographers discuss new software

masters discuss light

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