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Problems exporting PSDs and importing them into Motion

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Hi all,


I just joined the forum and this is my first post. I'm trying out the trial version of Affinity Designer, as I don't want to hassle with learning Illustrator when my work isn't that "intense," but I need a vector program more functional than what I was using before (Belight Software's Art Text 2). I own a small videography company, and we were using Art Text to design our graphics before we pulled them into Apple Motion to build and animate our templates. Part of what drew me to Affinity Designer is the option to export .psd, which would allow me to export one file and have it broken into layers within Motion, instead of having to deactivate all but one layer or "element" at a time, and export individual .pngs, as is my current workflow. So I tried that with this graphic I've put together in the trial version, but it exported a blank file. I open it in Photoshop, and get the message that it "Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered." Affinity (Serif? Not sure how to address the team) asked me via Twitter to post the file here for support, so that's what I'm doing now.


(Please note that the background image isn't part of the graphic itself, just a placeholder copied from the internet to visualize things and check the design against a background similar to what will be used in practice.)


I do notice with another design that I've done that when I export, I see a progress bar, and that .psd came out right. However, within Motion, it doesn't give me the option to split the .psd into separate layers, and in Photoshop, the layers are getting flattened more than I need them to. (Perhaps I need to review the documentation on the latter topic.) If anyone here has experience with Motion, are there certain export settings needed to make this work?


Thanks in advance.

El Segundo Graphics Mockup.afdesign

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I'll take a look at this.


It exports, but certain elements are rasterised.  I'll see if it's possible to export more of it as non-rasterised.

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By the way - you can use our Beta version while on your trial.  Download it from here:




You can use it along side the trial version until your trial expires.  The latest PSD export features will be in the Beta.

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Welcome lookatthisguy! I am just another member of the forum who was curious about this topic myself.


I tested this MAS version and in the Beta version with just three simple layers containing a square, circle and a triangle.


test 1: I open up mas created 3 layers and placed a shape on each layer. I exported as an editable PSD.


result: imports into a flat file


test 2: I Open the beta version created three layers  and placed a shape on each layer. I exported a editable PSD. I noticed there are a significant amount of options now. I left them at their default " preserve edibility"


result: imports as one flat file still no option to select a layer



test 3: I open the beta version created three layers  and placed  all the shapes in one layer.  I exported a editable PSD.

I left them at their default " preserve edibility"


results: In motion I was able to invoke the option to select a layer upon import. but when I select the layer it creates a layer with no viewable object on the layer. obviously this problem number one. Problem number two is the fact that I had to have all my elements in one layer.


It is not a big deal for this file but for a more complex file like the one you shared here this would be a nightmare.


Hope that helps for solving the issue Ben :) 



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