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Designer (W) non-destructive pen shape compound broken

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I was following the "For Beginners Too" video tutorial when I found a problem performing non-destructive (using the ALT key) compounds of two or more vector layers where one (or more) layers includes a "pen mode" closed-drawing (smart mode) vector: the layers fail to combine properly. If I repeat the procedure but use a destructive compound; I've had no problem. I've tested against regular shapes without a pen drawing and that seems to work perfectly, destructive or not. But, trying to compound a pen-mode shape layer with any other regular vector shape or another pen-mode layer has bad results. It doesn't crash the program, rather the resulting boolean shape which is wrong.


And, on a side note: the Divide button doesn't gray out (the other compound buttons do gray) after the compound. Did I use the word "compound" enough?







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This is a known (and long-standing!) problem with compound Boolean operations on shapes with smart nodes. Choose the Node Tool, select all of the smart nodes in each shape and change them to smooth, and you will find that the compound operations work as expected.


As for your side note, I believe it's by design that the Divide button is still active when you create a compound layer, since it lets you ... er ... divide it.

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