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Toggle for finger pan mode while using pen

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Currently you can zoom the canvas with a two finger gesture at any time, and sort of use that to pan around as well, but it would be great for Apple Pencil users to be able to toggle pan mode ("View" tool) on and off for it to be permanently assigned to fingers and the other tools assigned to the Pencil. This way if we need to be zoomed in for precise Pencil work we can easily pan around using our fingers without having to swap tools and then can immediately get back to work with the Pencil. And if somebody wants to use the Pencil for the view tool they can always just select it. Toggling this on and off would still give us the option to use our fingers for other tools if necessary.

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This is so obvious ! With this option you open all the gesture possibilities, like rotate canvas anytime, paning and zooming of course but also, undo/redo gesture. But you also think of contextual gesture like fading stroke while painting with one finger constantly press...

In many ways I feel this app is still "desktopish"

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