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Pencil stroke, activation limits

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Just wanted to state an issue that I find bothersome and not sure if it would be considered a bug. I own just about every decent drawing, creative app on iOS so I do have plenty reference and experience with the pencil's abilities.


I noticed that the sensitivity of the pencil is fine and well except when trying to make tiny strokes. It would be hard to describe in measurements but anything just beyond a tap still results in a dot.


When doing any sort of hatching in small to tiny dashes, you'll catch a dot versus a tiny stroke about 65% of the time. This doesn't not happen within most other drawing apps and even the native "notes" app or others like Procreate.


I hope this is something that can be implimented in the future.



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Hi Sullyman


I'm getting the same here, about half the time it is a dot instead of a line. Obviously zooming in on the document can help reduce the issue, but I'm sure it has it's own visual cost. I shall get it reported to the development team to see if we can increase the pencil accuracy



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