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Please help us by provide some google material design layout template.

Google provided us some guideline but in

Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop file which does not match with affinity designer shadow/elevation value.

Please visit those link .





Can you make tutorial or the difference between adobe & affinity shadow/elevation .

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I needed the same thing for web mockups, decided to tackle it for myself. The problem between Affinity Designer vs. those tools is that those allow for multiple shadows to be layered onto each other on a single layer, whereas Designer only allows for one outer shadow on each layer.


I was able to approximate most of the elevation shadows, though a few were too close to others to worry about much (1dp and 2dp for example), seeing as I made this for mock-ups anyway I didn't think that'd be a big problem. They're definitely not the most accurate but can be good for getting a concept out :)



Material Shadows.afstyles

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