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Add complete color-management (preview and rendering intents for color conversions)

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I just found out that I made a serious error by purchasing AP. It does not support color management!


When converting or assigning to a different profile one has to be able to preview what happens and also one has to be able to choose the rendering intent (the usual 4 intents + Blackpoint compensation BPC).


This is not offered at the moment when doing a conversion. It is possible to chose the intent in the default options, but this is not enough. This only makes sense for "standard conversions", but often one has to decide on an individual basis if which rendering intent is best for a given photo.


I must say I am very disappointed now. Of course I tried the demo and checked different features. Everything was fine. I also have seen that ICC conversion is offerered, so I did not try that out. I know how that works. It never came to my mind that an ICC conversion could be offered without a preview and without an individual choice for the rendering intent.


No real professional will be able to use AP alone for that reason. Of course I know there are thousands of "half-professionals" who do not care or know enough about color management. But the ones preparing photos for high-quality, predictable output, be it on screen or in print, will not be able to use AP in a meaningful way on it's own.


See also a post like this, which says the same:



This feature must be included as soon as possible in the 1.x version IMO. AP is announced and discussed as a Photoshop alternative. This is totally not the case when this simple, but basic and important feature is missing.


BTW, it should be clear somewhere how to the default color rendering to the screen is done. In some programs you can choose that on your own. In Photoshop the default rendering is fixed to: relative + BPC.

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Hi rpnfan,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently there's no Rendenring Intent + BCP in the Convert ICC Profile window. This may be added in a future update/version. To change the Rendering Intent when converting you need to adjust the Rendering Intent in the Preferences. It's not an ideal solution but it's what's currently available to work with.

Regarding previews please check the menu Layer ▸ New Adjustment Layer ▸ Soft Proof Adjustment.

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