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I'm unsure if I'm using Designer properly (and it would be frustrating if it's not as intuitive as I thought) but I'm trying to get overprint to happen in my document.


I've added my colours as global and checked the overprint option. I export to a PDF and then print it and none of the overprinted colours are actually being overprinted.


Is there also a way to preview the overprint in Designer? Aside from manually setting layer blend mode to something like "multiply" (cheap & not-accurate trick).

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Hi lvl99,


Sounds like you've done everything correctly.  Can you share your .afdesign file so i can take a look and see what the problem could be.  I've created you a Dropbox link here to upload the file to


We currently have no way of previewing the overprint within Designer but it has been requested a number of times and has also been logged with the Dev team.



Just found this post by Chris_K with some good tips on getting Overprint to work:


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I don't get why a color has to be "logged" as global just to get overprint to work. Why not just an overprint-option per stroke and fill? Also the lack of a overprint-preview makes the process of designing pretty tough with all that exporting and checking in a different software (acrobat). 

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