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Main things that I'd like to see for AP iPad...

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These are actually pretty simple things... I think :P


The colour picker isn't always available when I'm choosing colours. If I'm editing a gradient I get the half brother of the Colour Studio who can't do much at all. So, just some consistency across tool types would be great.


While I'm talking about gradients, a consistent way to delete gradient points would be good! It seems different right across the app... (also I don't think it's mentioned in the manual how to do it without a trash icon)


The little white triangles for the bottom menu drive me insane. The menu forgets where you left it, so if I jump in and out of selection tools I have to keep tapping them, and they aren't in the same place each time so I feel like I need to chase them everywhere. It'd be great to be able to just do a full swipe over the tools (just like the edit menu in iOS when it has white triangles) to move between the pages. Long story short, they're irritating.


The generated icons look really pretty for adjustments and filters, but it'd be great to have a list view for them... or some kind of a search. Scrolling through them can be confusing if the document looks simple (like mostly plan white). Also it shows the preview for the whole document, not simply for the layer that would receive that adjustment.


If I copy and paste an image from the web, it pastes the url, not the image. That is different from almost every app on iOS... including Notes.


An option to duplicate a document would be handy..


A way to reset the preferences back to default would also be helpful.


Edit: Also... a button to cancel processes. I've seen the app get stuck a few times, or just take a while to do things like refine a selection. It's almost a must to be able to back out of long processes (downloading, number crunching, whatever it is)...

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I'll second the little white triangles and the search feature for filters and adjustments. I was thinking kind of like spotlight for commands and adjustments/filters as you would find in a help menu on the Mac.

iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen/Mac Mini, in that order

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