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I am giving a try to Affinty ounce again. Here my (constructive) remarks. Maybe I am missing something..


- crop tool does not apply any constraint using the predefined ratio. (???)

- shortcuts very difficult to work with: one press select -> second press deselect (???).

- No clipping in the level tool per channel

- No possibility to switch channel using a shortcuts in the level tool (?)

- In general, I think the level tool layout could be updated. Maybe a bigger window with master and the R, G , B channel.

- "polygone" selection tool. By pressing shift with lasso but releasing shift close the selection (?).

- Performances (display, many layers) not as good as PS CS6


Otherwise, it's working ok. Panorama works well as well.


I am really looking for a better shortcuts implementations and a dedicated "polygon" selection. Especially shortbuts, make it a nightmare to use.


Thanks for listening.

Nicolas DET
Les gens sont la clef

Event, Porträt, People, Hochzeit, ... Live


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