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Crash On Merge all or Add group

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I have been trying out Affinity Photo for the iPad and two out of four sessions it has crashed on me.

I don't have exact steps. What I was doing was working on an image that was about 12 megapixels. I had created numerous, adjustment layers with masks on them. I had merged visible on a number of them and deleted the intermediate layers (mostly creating luminance masks). I had about 8 layers with some of them in groups. I was near the end of my process and was either adding a group, moving a layer into a group or using Merge All and the app crashed.

Considering the complexity of the app and it being brand new I was not all that surprised. I was however surprised that the work was lost. It was a disappointment to re-open the app and not find the image i was working on in the list of photos in the app.

I wish I had better details to help you reproduce the issue, but I was not actually recording my steps.

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Hey kellyjanderson,


We have had a few reports of the app not recovering files after a crash, despite there being an auto-save. How long were you working on the document for? The auto-save feature is set at 300 seconds. I've just spent a good 30 minutes forcing the app to crash after carrying out certain tasks and it seems to generally recover as long as we have passed the auto-save interval. 

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