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Crashing way too much. No Auto Save file location?

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Affinity just crashed as I was exporting. It just shut down and lost my work. Upon reopening Affinity no autosave box came up with my lost work ... any where it could be saved too? Not good at all. Very close to going back to PS. This cannot happen.

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Hi James,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums.


The recovery interval is by default set to 300 seconds, so every 300 seconds a copy of your open documents are saved to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\autosave

Upon reopening Affinity after a crash you will only be asked if you wish to recover a file if it was a new unsaved document. If you was working on an existing file or document then you will asked if you want to recover that file when you next attempt to open it. If you have 'Reopen document on statup' enabled then you will asked to recover all documents when the app is next launched (as it attempted to reopen your documents).

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Hello Sean, 

I have similar problem as James. My affinity photo crashed during my work. I have started with raw file and I was finishng last steps before saving...probably 1 hour of work at least (I totally forgot to save it after developing). But suddenly it crashed, so I thought that I will recover it. It asked me if I want to recover 2 documents (2 docs. I had open) so I clicked yes, but only one showed up (of course the other one already saved). So what can I do now??? I would like to prevent happening this again this was the second time... is there a way how to save my work?

Thank you, 


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