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iPad Affinity - metadata

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Hi I just bought the iPad version. On importing photos from my camera roll / Apple default photo app, I see no exif info in the metadata section. Is there a bug or there is some settings to do? I have tried a few photos including one that is shot directly from the iPad to no avail (see attached).


I just realised, after a few trials, that the only way exif will show up, is when we import from iCloud etc, but not directly from Apple Photo apps. 


Maybe this is the limitation of Apple iOS environment, but this, and the fact that we cannot export from Affinity Photo directly into Apple Photo in iOS, might not be convenient for some (me included). Looks like we need to use an external storage as the bridging medium.


I hope Affinity will find a way to improve this.

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I too have tried and would really like to find a way to open photos from either Apple Photos or iCloud Photos, edit them, then place them back with metadata intact. I have tried on both the Mac version and iPad in AP with no success. Thanks for your help, love the programs.

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Hi Wee, Rressler, gator72

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

We are aware of these limitations (with Apple Photos and metadata) and are doing our best to improve the workflow between the two apps.

We are also aware of the issue regarding JPG's not being saved with metadata intact. This is already logged to be looked at.

Thanks for your feedback.

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