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I have a file with 25 patterns in AI format and the same in EPS format. These are arranged in 5 lines and 5 columns. To select one pattern in ai, I click on it and all related objects are selected. In AD this does not work, because as soon as I click on one, all others are selected too. Since the individual patterns are not contained in a group, no selection can be made in this way.

It does not matter whether I open the sample file in AI or EPS format in the AD, the selection of individual patterns is not possible.
Does anyone know a solution, how can select an object from such a file created in the AI?

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Hi SunRiseMoon,


Would it be possible for you to attach the file in question to this thread so I can look into this further for you?



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I would like to, but I've bought it and so I do not have the license to share it in a public forum. What do you suggest???

I can show 3 screenshots that make the problem vivid:

The first one shows, how AI marks the curves (this is the drawing with the blue marked object rightmost).

The second shows how the selection works when you click on that object in AD

The third one shows, that, If an object is placed favourably, a selection is made without any neighbouring objects, but many parts are missing.

This is an example of a sheet painted with approximately 45 flowers and leaves. As described in the opening hour, this file also consists of countless layers and groups, but here too is not a leaf forming a group, the thousands of curves are randomly divided. AI has thereby with the selection of a sheet or a group no problem, but in AD I found so far no possibility to do it. Since still many such vector drawings are created and offered in the AI-format, a viable way would be very valuable.




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