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Adonit jot doesn't work palm rejection on ipad air 2

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Excuse me,

I use ipad air 2 and adonit jot, but affinity photo doesn't run well.

no palm rejection is possible at the moment and for me it's very important.

Will be in the next future or I have to delete the app?

thanks a lot for the attention.

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Hi catazzo


Welcome to the forum


This is more one for Adonit. We only use apple's standard touch input for the iPad air 2, The only stylus we are natively and advertised compatible with is the Apple Pencil. The Adonit products are a 3rd party solution so it requires them to make the stylus compatible with each app. As expected because it has only just been released, their list of compatible apps does not include Affinity Photo. I would recommend contacting Adonit about adding compatibility for the app to their stylus range and if this can be added via a firmware/software update or requires a new stylus.



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i send your message at adonit support;

post here their message:


Alice Chen (Adonit)

Jun 8, 15:23 CST

Hi there mc!

Thanks so much for getting in touch! I'd be happy to help you with your question :-)

I am sorry for the confusion. In order to use palm rejection, the app must include our Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows Pixel to pair and have additional features like possible palm rejection and other features. It appears that Affinity Photo did not know that our SDK is already available online for app developers to use.

Here are some basic information about our SDK.

1) Github link - its a public link for developers to use 
developers can download from here and check technical documentation about our SDK

2) SDK featrues - 3rd-party apps would need to integrate our SDK so that their apps 
can do the following with Adonit BT styluses. Note that even we have these features available on 
the SDK, it is still up to the app developer to enable or disable them as they want.

• Connect/Disconnect an Adonit stylus
• Pressure Sensitivity 
• Shortcut Buttons <- SDK merely tells app when buttons are press, regarding what function they are for depends entirely on the app
• Palm Rejection
• Settings UI <- this is the panel that shows stylus information after connection
• Battery Level
• Double Tap, Grip and Scroll (Pixel Only)

3) Any questions about SDK, please kindly contact developers@adonit.net.

I hope that helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions, though my reply might be a little delayed due to a recent interest increase in our styluses. Please have a wonderful day.

Alice Chen
Adonit Support


now, what can I do?



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but, can you expone my problem at the technical support?

Can you give me the mail of the technical support?

If you think, I can send they a mail in case.....

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