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I was interested in experimenting/comparing the HDR Merge on both my MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro. Initially I was impressed with how similar they were when the merge was completed. I am aware that the iPad app is in it's infancy so in hopes to help in the development these are the issues that I found.


As I was using a Sony a6300 I was unsure how to export the five images to iCloud so I used .tiff.

Once in AP mobile loading one image at a time into HDR merge was slow (I'm sure this will be improved). Once the merge started it was relatively fast and in comparison with image on MacBook Pro I was very impressed. Then however there began to be issues and a crash. The image was not saved so when AP was reloaded I needed to go thru the HDR 5-image reloaded and then run (load much faster then initial).


In second run I believe I was trying to mask something and the second crash occurred. Image again not saved. At this point I needed to leave so I have not tried again.


I have the two crash reports, but the question is, should I create files and attach them, or would you be more amenable to having them sent to you thru Apple analysis?


Overall, I am very impressed with your work.

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Hi p_mac,

Unfortunately selecting files in iCloud is a real chore at the moment and is unfortunately a limitation of the iCloud interface and is not something we can currently change at the moment. With that said I've heard rumours that this will be fixed in iOS11.


Was the crash when using HDR Merge a one off, or have you been able to reproduce it more than once? If so would you be able to link me to your TIFFs so I can try and reproduce.

Again with the second crash was it just a one off? If you've not had it since it will be tricky for the devs to pin point even with teh crash report. With that said it wouldn't hurt to submit them through Apple analysis.

Glad you're enjoying the software.

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