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How does one get real support

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So, I purchased Photo for the iPad last night and there are some severe shortcomings to the point that it currently looks like a waste of $20 and is damaging my faith in Serif (I currently use Photo and Designer on the Mac).


Is there a trouble ticket system or is this forum it?


I think my iPad and iOS version are compatible, but right now, I'm only guessing.


I know it was only released yesterday, but this is not being presented as a beta or RC, it's supposed to be a working product.

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These forums are our main support mechanism, in that there are always knowledgeable people here and our staff are answering questions every day. However 1-2-1 support can be accesses using the email address affinitysupport@serif.com. For more info see this post

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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I agree, feels like a beta, I've been waiting ever since the first reveal but now it feels like they've rushed it. It might be good feature wise but it's missing basic functionality which renders the whole app useless. Is there a way to get refunded or do we just have to wait a few months for this to be fixed?

Talking about the fact that I can't even import a raw file from my photo library without first uploading it to iCloud and then importing it in Photo, mainly. Or save it locally either for that matter. It seems really weird to not include something like that. Of course I want to be able to open and save files straight from the device without having to make use of third party cloud services. If you're out and about (the time when you'll be using Photo from your iPad) you won't have time to upload 50MB raw files from your camera to a cloud service to access them through affinity photo, it seems really weird, did no one think of this? I'm genuinely curious. I realize that I come off as the biggest douche bag in the world but I just spent two days trying to download the app over shitty wifi networks on Bali and when I finally get it to load i can't even get my files on there.


My workflow has been sdcard reader on the iPad, shoot with my x-t2 and then just import the photos, then drag all of them into Lightroom mobile and then work from there, save to camera roll (Yes, they have that feature) and then do whatever I want with the result. Alternatively upload directly to Flickr/500px but since I barely have internet that's not really an option. In other words a solid OFFLINE workflow, since I'm on the go and don't have access to wifi everywhere I am, that's the main use of a mobile image editor for me, but maybe I'm the minority? If I'm at home I'd just use the computer anyway.

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