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[Fixed] Scale with object bug (?)

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Scale with object seems to be working unexpectedly. I've been tweaking a logo design, and I turned off "scale with object" on a vector box, because I was making small adjustments to the size and shape of the box, and each time i adjusted the shape of the box, the line weight would adjust slightly, which I didn't want. 


Now I've got the logo looking how I want it, so I want to be able to use it at various sizes, with the line weights maintaining their size relative to the object. So now I turn on "scale with object". As soon as I turn it on, the line size gets thicker, before I've made any changes to the object.


The line weight is set to 3pts, and shows as 3 pts in the right hand studio, in the drop down version of that same panel on the contextual toolbar, and on the readout on the context toolbar. When I turn on "scale with object", the line weight visibly gets larger and the readout on the toolbar jumps to 3.97, but the two panels still show 3pts. I can't reset the line weight at this point--if I try and change it, the "real" line weight--the one on the context toolbar continues to be relative to the one I'm setting, i.e., if I set the line weight to 2, the "real weight" turns to 2.65.


It's as if it's grabbing some scale factor from the object's history or something.


I'm attaching a file with a box that shows the same issue. It's pretty easy to recreate--just scale a box a couple of times in one dimension or another with "scale with object" turned off, and then turn it on. On the attached file, you can see that the panel readouts say 8 pts, but when you turn on "scale with object", the top bar readout, and the real weight of the line goes to 20pts.


This is in the current beta, but I can recreate it in the shipping version too.

scale test file to affinity.afdesign

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so, no respose. maybe my explanation was complex, or maybe its usr error, in which case i would love it if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. 


its pretty straightforward. draw a rectangle. scale it in one dimension or another with "scale with object" turned off. Then turn "scale with object" on, and the line weight jumps.

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Hi artemesia66,


just made a short screen cast (OS X Lion, latest Beta). What you seem to be thinking about is this (see my video):


I created two straight paths (1cm long, stroke width 0.1cm) and a reference path (2cm long).


A. When selecting "Scale with object" before extending the path to 2cm length, the stroke width will change accordingly. I consider this behavior correct, even if the different values for the stroke width in the context tool bar (0.1 cm) and on the panel (0.13 cm) are somewhat irritating at first glance. But:


  • The context tool bar seems to record the original stroke width.
  • The panel seems to record the actual stroke width.


B. When extending the path to 2cm length and afterwards selecting "Scale with object", the stroke width of the path changes. And this is somewhat strange, for the following reasons:


  • Provided that the panel records the actual stroke width, there should be no visible change in the stroke width of the path. But there is such a change, while the panel value (0.1 cm) is not changed.
  • The user would perhaps expect, that whenever "Scale with object" gets disabled (or has never been enabled yet), each transformation of the object creates a new "base state" of the object as a starting point for further calculations of the stroke width when "Scale with object" gets enabled again.


Artemesia66: do you think, we could describe the issue that way?



Alex  :)

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Hi A_B_C


Re A:


Yes, I consider that behaviour correct, and the 0.13cm line weight appears visually to be correct. I would prefer that all the panels should show the same readout--preferably the actual current line weight. I can't see any use case where you'd want to know the original line weight, but maybe others can. The other challenge here is that it then becomes difficult to set a specific line weight because you're dealing with this arbitrary multiplier. eg. If you wanted the line weight to actually be .2 cm, you can't put .2cm into the panel. If you do, the actual weight turns out to be something like 0.26.


Re B:


Yes, I think that's got it. It seems to me that when you turn on "scale with object", the current line weight should be taken as the base state. What's even stranger in your example video (and I have seen this behaviour as well), is that the readout says .08, which is smaller than the "set" line weight, even though the line has been scaled up, not down, and even though it visibly gets wider on screen--but not as wide as the line in example A, even though they've been scaled the same amount.


Something amiss, I think....


Thanks for taking the time to clarify my somewhat complex description of the issue--very much appreciated.



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Hi, now we have just to wait for the developers to sort things out for us ...  ;)

I would like to subscribe to all of your observations and comments ...




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