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Collage Creation in Affinity Photo

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I've used the YouTube video on creating a collage which was very useful.  I can see how you can adjust the gap between photos to be the same by selecting one image and then by moving left/right it adjusts the gap in between and provides the gap distance in red numbers.  What I don't see is a way to adjust the vertical gaps to be the same.  I was thinking I'd see a similar gap marker but I don't see one.  Any ideas?


I also have place my pictures in the collage but am struggling to get thee to fit the available space in the document.  If I enlarge one to fit the opening, others need to shrink and then I have a large gap in  between.  I feel I am missing something but can't see how to make this work.


Thanks for any help.

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Hi Grassy


There are a few ways to create a collage, I use the following method.


Start with a blank canvas, click view, guides manager, you can add guides both horizontal and vertical setting enough space between to place your pictures, once you have added and adjusted the guides click close.


Make sure snapping is selected and then click file. place, navigate and open an image, place it onto your canvas.


To set the size for each picture select the picture and use the transform tab so that you can resize your pictures all the same size (or as close as you can).


Drag the picture to the top left corner of the guides until it snaps into position.


Repeat for other pictures.

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