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Jens Krebs

[By Design] Kerning applied to last letter in Art Text Tool

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1) place art text in your document

2) select art text using the move tool

3) apply generous kerning (e.g. 50%) using the ,character' button on tool bar

4) center text


Result: text is off center (shifted to the left) due to kerning space after last letter of the text


Workaround: not found, because kerning cannot be applied to single letters when using art text

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This is not a bug Jens. To increase space equally between letters in a word/line you should use tracking. Kerning is used to fine tune the space between pairs of characters. If you want to change the kerning for a particular pair, place the cursor where you want to adjust it, press alt and use the cursor keys to increase/decrease the space between characters (you can also use the character panel to input a specific value).

In your example you can select the last character only and change/reduce the kerning or tracking to 0 to remove the extra space.

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