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Copy and paste question

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Hi there,


I am sorry for asking that stupid question - I am feeling very ashamed about this.


How do I copy and paste objects like a simple circle between documents? When I press copy (e.g. CMD C) and then CMD V in a new document the circle gets not inserted. I only get a new empty layer called "(Frame Text)" and it's empty blue stroked modify box.

Please see picture. What am I missing? Where is my mistake? Please help! Thanks!



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This is strange ...


It looks as if there is still some text on the clipboard that gets pasted into your document, while the object you want to copy does not get duplicated to the clipboard. Perhaps a restart might help.


Have you tried to activate your object and to copy it by choosing "Edit > Copy" and "Edit > Paste" from the menu bar? ... I’m quite sure, you have tried this ...


But if *that* does not work there’s definitely something wrong I fear ...  :unsure:

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