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Channel filtering in Blend Ranges

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I've recently tried to simulate low colour bitdepth in AP using posterize and layer blend ranges.


( see this post https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40899-using-posterize-to-simulate-low-bit-depths-in-ap/ )


But I realised I couldn't filter out whole colour channels using the blend option graphs.


So the feature that would solve this (and be useful for other things) is the addition of channel filtering check boxes to the blend options panel.




Then you could selectively turn off channels without effecting other.




Passive :)

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Will a curves adjustment on the Red channel not do what you want?



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Hi carl123, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, through trial and error I have come to the conclusion that the curves adjustment is different to advanced blending of channels (being able to turn of one, two or all channels on EACH layer/being able to apply channels to layers).


Please see this thread for exactly what I tried to do, using Curves and Channel mixers: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46110-advanced-blending-of-channels-isolating-channels-on-layers/


In the end I realised I could not duplicate a Photoshop tutorial hence my +1 for this request. Please also see this thread for more on applying channels to layers: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11258-please-help-things-i-cannot-do-with-affinity-photo


Here is Photoshop's Advanced Blending screen (including channels). You get to it by double clicking on a layer. Something like this in Affinity would be perfect. I love using Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro, but I really miss the advanced blending of channels from Photoshop. Here's hoping Affinity include it in a future release.


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Older request, but I also +1 this. Where it would be very useful is in reducing noise targeted to specific colour channels with both a NR filter and Guassian Blur filter.
I figured it would work just switching to the different channels under master but it doesn't. Say for example I want to affect the red channel only with a blur, and the shadows at that. I create a guassian blur, turn on the red channel preview so I am ONLY seeing red, when I switch to green and blue in the blend range and remove the guassian blur from those channels, it clearly still affects the red and it's as if I never added the adjustment in the first place. Not at all how one would expect the blend range tool to work when working in only one channel: If you choose Red in the blend range, Red should be unaffected by adjusting the blue and green channels.
There is a workaround but it takes a lot of time and effort to do: create greyscale representations of each colour channel, apply NR and blur to each one individually and then rebuild the colour, but blend range is SO CLOSE to doing this in one easy step.


FInd me at:


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or my personal website, not kept frequently up to date: www.gmphotography.ca


I use Affinity Photo, Lightroom, Panorama Maker 5, and Photomatix for my photography.

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