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[AD/AP] Reveal in Finder & Save location issue w/ Apple Photos

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I am not sure if this should be considered a bug, undesirable behavior, or what, but when a item in an Apple Photos or other Apple Library is opened using the Media Browser or via Sidebar Media > Photos, the "Reveal in Finder" menu item exposes the Photos Library "master" image file (in the Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/media/master/xx/yy/ folder).


According to Apple, users should not alter anything directly in one of its "master" library folders because that can corrupt the library, potentially causing data loss. It is for this reason that in Photos, the 'show file in folder' File menu item is greyed out for items stored in the library, available only for "referenced" items that are stored outside the library folder.


So I think AD/AP should do the same thing, or failing that at least show a warning.


A related (& potentially more serious) issue, since Affinity sets the default target folder for Open or Save As (or for new documents for Save) dialogs to the one the last file was opened from, for files opened via the Media Browser or sidebar, that master subfolder becomes the default for those operations, even if the file opened from the media/master is just closed without saving it.


This makes it much more likely that users will do something that corrupts the library by accident, so some way of excluding library folders from the default targets should be implemented.

Affinity Photo 1.7.2, Affinity Designer 1.7.2, Affinity Publisher 1.7.2; macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 iMac (27-inch, Late 2012); 2.9GHz i5 CPU; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M; 8GB RAM
Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer for iPad; 6th Generation iPad 32 GB; Apple Pencil; iOS 12.3.1

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