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Creamy yellow instead of white [I browsed the forums but nothing worked]

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I'm trying out the Affinity Photo 10-day tutorial and wanted to work on some projects to familiarize myself with the software.


Now, when I want to make anything white it appears as a creamy yellow rather than actual white which frustrates me to death.

When I export it I do get the actual color white. But I would like to preview how my image looks while i'm actually editing it.

What I've Tried:

   - Reboot PC after installing Affinity Photos   

   - import PSD to get the desired color profile that shows white... as white

   - set my Preferences > color profiles to sRBG as suggested in many forums (which you can see in the screenshot).

   - Open new tabs where I also set the color profile to sRGB


All of this has only managed to get my Navigator to display white as actual white.


If anyone could help me out on this one I would greatly appreciate it! 


Thanks in advance


Affinity Photos enthusiast, NolenBrolen






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Hi NolenBrolen,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is probably due to a faulty/incorrect colour profile. From your screenshots I'm assuming you are using Windows. If so right-click on the Desktop and select Display settings, then Advanced display settings on the bottom. Scroll down a little and select Colour management (in the Colour settings section). Make sure you don't have any profile associated with the monitor in the Profiles associated with this device section in the Devices tab (unless you have a calibrated profile for your display). Change to the Advanced tab and make sure you have the following settings correctly set:


Does it work correctly now?

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Hi, thank you for the reply


yes, I'm using windows with 2 monitors.


I followed your instructions but it turned out that neither of my monitors had a profile attached to them.

When I went to the advanced settings they were all already set to the ones you recommend in the screenshot.

I double & triple checked everything to the letter.


The white being shown as creamy yellow issue persists :(

If you have any other clue of what could cause it, please let me know.

P.S. I tried to attach screenshots but it didn't work

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Hi Nolen,


I use three monitors (the one attached to the laptop is designated 2 and t'others are designated 1 and show the same image as each other - which is different from Monitor 1). Yet I do not have the problem which you do - so I doubt it is that.


Have you checked your monitor's own controls (buttons or dials on the side)? Sometimes re-booting those - as opposed to an electrical power re-boot - works.


I take it nothing magnetic etc has been placed adjacent to your screen? Doesn't have the same problems as with CRTs but can be a factor in any electronics.


I have not noticed any white balance problems with Affinity but you could uninstall it (ensure images etc are safely backed-up first) and re-install it. 


Good luck!

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It seemes the Monitor-Profile-Settings is not the problem. I´m struggeling with the same problems and found many affinity users, like in the DSLR Forum in germany that are having exactly the same problem. White is yellow. The only possibility to see a "real" white colour in AP for me is to create a new dokument like shown the following screenshot. Unfortunaletly this does not help if I open a photo. I hope this helpes you Pros out there to find a solution...I really like the programm and bought many books to learn using it but this yellow-prob is really frustrating....


affinity Problem.jpg

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