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Hi there,

Do you have any future plans to develop software to animate motion graphics? Put bluntly, an alternative to Adobe After Effects? It really would be the complete package for me, meaning I could unceremoniously dump Adobe for good. The next natural step would lead onto a replacement for Premiere but I don't want to overload you just yet, as I know you're throwing a lot of energy at getting Publisher out there.


love what you guys are doing, I only discovered you last week! At last an alternative to Adobe. Keep it coming! 

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  • Staff

Hi Ben Walsh,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

There's no plans for video editing apps at this point. There's already quite a few projects going on or planned (Publisher, DAM software, iOS apps, the recently launched Windows versions) that will keep the dev teams busy for quite some time. Please check our FAQ for more info.

Thanks for your words and support :)

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Apple Motion 5 is great for creating animation and only costs approx. $50. If Serif were to develop something in this space it would take a while before it can be expected to be on par with Motion or AE.


Of course this only works if you have a Mac.

Affinity Photo - Affinity Designer - Affinity Publisher | macOS Sonoma (14.2) on 16GB MBP14 2021 with 2.4 versions

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Thanks for the replies guys,

As much as I would have thought, I gather the dev teams will be 'up to their eye balls' for quite a while!

Keep the momentum going though, I'm so excited and relieved, to be honest, that finally there's a new kid on the block to rival Adobe - who appear to be loosing the plot recently!


Apple Motion sounds cool but, alas, I'm PC based.

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Pro rent-per-month systems would be Avid or Premiere from Adobe, or an alternative is Final Cut if you have a mac. Fourth professional choice is Lightworks, which you can also buy and own.


Would love for Affinity to make a new high-end alternative, but they are to busy as of now, and that's how it is. I like what they've made so far, and can't wait for Publisher (:

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