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Guides with symmetry axis

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This screenshot from the Autodesk Sketchbook iOS page outlines nicely what I'm talking about.

Symmetry has already been requested numerous times. This is more about the foundation before it becomes symmetry.


  • Have an option allowing us to define out own symmetry tools (click line, define what it should do)
  • Tie it on top of the coming replicator system (blends, particles)
    • This would allow us to clone and array (radial, grid, etc) the centres of symmetry as an object to create clock faces like the example with two stokes. Car tires with a few more strokes, and so on.




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I've been a user of affinity designer for some time, not that extensively though mind you. Affinity Designer is a great program, and the more that I use it, the more I like it. Thus far it's covered a lot of my needs in a graphical design program. However, I think Affinity Designer is lacking in the sketch space. Bringing an idea quickly into existence through sketch is a lot easier when I'm not playing around with the power of this software to modify every line. Sometimes, I'd much rather have just simple pencil sketched lines on canvas to get an idea across quickly. The ability to sketch up an idea quickly is paramount for me, and to have it created in the same software that I'll later develop it into something great in is even better. However, I feel like the "quickly" area is lacking here in Affinity Designer. My ability to make a quick sketch is somewhat hindered by the power of this software. For example, to make a straight line I've got to use several nodes and line them up correctly, which takes a lot of attention away from what I'd like to be doing which is continuing to draw. It's no longer the same as being able to lightly throw lines on paper like sketching, and more like battling with options to get somewhere. I know Affinity has the ability to just draw using the pencil, but it's not the easiest thing with a mouse and takes a good deal of work to hone your skill with a stylus. There is a solution though, and that is the use of rulers, french curves, and other various straight edges or symmetries as was suggested in the post above. Implementing a feature like this could greatly help workflows for those who prefer to sketch through their work with a stylus. 

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  • Staff

Hi Parkreu,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You can use the Paint Brush Tool in the Pixel Persona (second icon on the top left on the top left of the interface) to sketch with a regular raster based brush. You can then ink the sketch using the vector tools form Draw Persona.

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