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Max P

curves mode LAB,Chrominance a and b real unit

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I want understand the real unit use for The curves mode LAB,Chrominance a and b


In AFP  Lab editing is achieved by changing the document's Colour Format to "Lab (16 bit)"


In the manuel, i read this thing

"Input minimum and Input maximum are useful for 32-bit documents with out of range tonal values, but can also be used to fine tune the manipulated tonal range in 8-bit and 16-bit documents:


◦Input minimum—specify, in float, a minimum value to use as tonal input.

◦Input maximum—specify, in float, a maximum value to use as tonal output."


But no, 

it' seems  -100 + 100, ?  

white not -127 + 127, 

but for the  intern code do you use a float, 

with unsigned byte to Float ?... 


I want just have a " good understanding.

We found many range on the net -60 +600, 


 I hope have an answerHave a good day

I am on windows version


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i found


On Windows, version:

it is necessary to use the range o, xxx to 0,9999.  Coma in Azerty , no point

normalized range between 0 1

And not -127 + 127

We should NOT  pay attention to the propositions that appear positive or negative integers between 0 and 100, with the Mouse Wheel

Whenever this serves,

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