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Trouble with Bucket Tool

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I'm having trouble using the bucket tool. 

Create document. 

Create layer.

Enter text on layer.

Create fill layer.

Select bucket tool. 

Select color.

"Click to flood fill."

Nothing happens. 




I am trying to create yellow text on a black background.

Could someone please tell me the secret?



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There's no need to flood fill anything. With the Fill layer selected in the Layers panel, go to the Colour panel or the Swatches panel and left-click on the colour that you want to apply.

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The fill layer you have selected is not a "pixel" layer, you can't do much with them, except colour them as Alfred say's above. Well, unless you rasterize them first but there's not much point in that. Just make a new pixel layer first or use a fill layer and click on any colour you fancy. Like black!


The flood tool works on any pixel layer.


Actually, I find fill layers very useful, I normally make a black one and a white one for every document before I start editing. When I am cutting out or masking part of an image I can see what it will look like on the appropriate fill layer rather than the chequered transparent background. But that's just me.

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