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Crashes every time I try to close a file + No SVG export

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I downloaded the AD trial version onto my Macbook Pro running 10.7.5. I have no trouble running the Adobe CS/CC apps and my machine meets all the minimum requirements for your app.


Whenever I try to export any file as an SVG (even just a simple circle or square), nothing is created. No files show up anywhere. Other export methods do work. Then after trying the SVG export, whenever I try to close the file, I get the spinning beach ball and must Force Quit the app.


Is this a known bug? Do you have any recommendations? 


I really wanted to like this app as an alternative to Illustrator but if it's this unstable and unusable, I will need to look elsewhere. Thanks for your time.

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  • Staff

Hello newuser,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I'm sorry to know you're having trouble with Affinity Designer. 

I don't have a machine with Lion available here to try to replicate the crash but someone will be able to help you out tomorrow.

Do you still have the crash report (or are able to reproduce the crash again)? That may help too.

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  • Staff

Would the full edition be any different?

No, almost certainly not; they are the same code.


I don't know what the problem is here, but it's not typical. For most people Affinity Designer is stable and usable; I'm sorry that hasn't been your initial experience.

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  • Staff

Hi newuser :)


I just had a chat with some of the guys here and apparently there were a number of issues specific to OS X Lion that have been fixed but are not included in the current Trial version, or even in the current Mac App Store version. The changes are available in the beta version of Designer, but the beta will not run for you unless you have a purchased version, sadly. So at the moment there's no way for you to try it out :(


I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate what was said above - that Designer is usually very stable and usable. I'm sorry that you're experiencing these problems, but they're unfortunately down to it being used on OS X 10.7 - which is something we have identified and resolved, but without purchasing the Mac App Store version and then downloading the beta there is no way at present for you to try these functions :(  We will look in the future to enable the beta to run on machines with a valid Trial period. In fact, I will look at getting that to work before the end of this week and hopefully update the beta version so that it is possible for you to try it.




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Thanks everyone for your advice and looking into this. The community here is awesome! Matt, that's great news, I really hope to try the app out and see it in its full glory. The interface looks great.


A_B_C, Yup, hear you. some of the programs I use for work are not compatible with any OS above Lion.

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newuser, Matt has managed to get the latest beta working for those people who have an active trial version. If your trial is still in date you can test out the teams latest fixes. 

Twitter: @Writer_Dale
Affinity apps run on: Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM, GTX1650 Super

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