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Instant crash on save

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Steps to reproduce:


1. Open the attached file

2. change something (no matter what)

3. Save or save as


Expected behavior: AD saves the file


Actual behavior: AD crashes



In a previous version the document relied heavily on symbols, but after a lot of crashes (often while copying or changing symbols), we detatched all of them.

But at this point we can not do anything with the file.




Rack_and_RackItems (1).afdesign




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Hey Afterlame,


I've been unable to reproduce this on Mac and Windows  :unsure: No matter what I edit, the crash doesn't happen. We've got some Symbol crashes logged and also one where moving an artboard can cause the crash but not from just saving.

What are you saving the project to? Is it a cloud-based server or is it just to a local drive? Have you tried holding Ctrl when running the app up to reset the app? This can sometimes work wonders for silly issues like this. 

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@Chris B:
Ctrl on startup does not help unfortunately.
The file causes crashes for our whole team (3 people).
All on MacBook Pros. I do not have the exact specs, but I think we are all running MacOs 10.12.4.
Mine is a 15" MBP Retina mid 2012. If you need more details, I am glad to help.

Thanks for looking into it.

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I tried opening the attached file and doing a 'save as' and it crashed every time.


I have had the same problem for quite a while, usually when I create something then 'save as' the first time.


I have to create new file then 'save as' before doing anything, then I don't lose my work.


I use an iMac running 10.11.6 and a MacBook Pro running 10.11.6 and it happens regularly on both.


Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of it soon!

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I'm still trying to find out why this file is crashing on my system. Between an issue with artboards (that have been reported by other users) and some weird symbols structures (seems some were manipulated copying/pasting elements from others symbols or groups of elements) I'm still unsure what's going on.

In any case the issue is now logged with development to be checked. I'm sorry for the delay.

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No problem. We have copied the artboards to another file and detached every symbol in the process.

The new document works flawlessly, so I think root for the crashes might be in the symbols.

Since we refrained from the use of symbols, we had no problems (but using them would be much more comfortable ;) )


You are right, there are some weird symbol structures … we had some deeply nested symbols too.

The document is pretty much a hot mess since we tried to fix it by detaching some symbols, while we missed others.

But maybe this helps with edge cases …

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