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[Fixed] Editing colour palette issues

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When I edit the CMYK values of the fill of a palette colour, AD actually deletes one colour from the palette for each value I edit.

That was not expected.


See this screen capture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8z69xqu0fh9yve/color_palette_edit.m4v?dl=0


In that case, 2 values were edited and 2 colours vanished from the palette. If I edit all 4 values, 4 colours are gone.


The way all the colours vanishes in the background when editing is also unexpected (temporarily, though - a little scrolling does restore the ones that have not been deleted).


AD 1.5.5

macOS 10.12.5

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Even worse: dragging any colour value controls for the CMYK-colour, deletes palettes colours at the speed of the running band. I just annihilated 90% of my hard work adding named colours despite the bug mentioned in my previous post. No "undo bug" function was found.


:blink:  :wacko:  :o  :(

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Thanks MEB; good to know that this is logged, because quite devastating. I noticed that the issue was still present in AD 1.6 beta 1, though.


Meanwhile, I figured out that using the contextual toolbar to add a given CMYK-colour to an object and then use the "add current fill to palette" symbol in the Swatches panel, was a much safer way to build up a palette.



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