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I've been playing with the trial version of Affinity Designer for a while and I must say I'm loving it! :wub:  However, when testing all the tools I normally use in Illustrator, there's three features that I often use but can't seem to find in Designer...


1. Pattern creation - In Illustrator, I can make any vectorial shape I make or image I embed into a pattern. It's as easy as dragging the shape/image to the Swatches panel, and voila. How is this done in Affinity Designer?


2. Gradient brush - Likewise, in Illustrator I can turn a rectangle containing a gradient into a brush. This is very useful to create graphic elements like tubes, pipes, and shapes with that appearance. Is this possible with Affinity Designer?


3. Live Paint Bucket - Does Designer have a similar tool?


I'd love to know if these features are available in Designer, as I really want to switch to Serif and finally ditch Adobe's subscription!  <_<


Thanks  :)

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Hi Flyto,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


1. In Designer you can apply raster based patterns (only) selecting the Fill Tool then going to Type dropdown in the context toolbar (right above the work area) and changing it to Bitmap. You can then select a raster pattern file to apply to the object. There's no support for vector patterns.


2. No. currently you can't create vector brushes from objects/elements (no matter their fill type). You can however create different types of raster brushes (based on textures images etc) which stretch or repeat (depending how you set them) along a vector path.


3. No, currently Affinity Designer doesn't have an equivalent tool.

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There is a not too tedious work around for 1. Take the vector shape(s) and do a serious of power duplicates, and nest the duplicates inside another vector.


I haven't used Illustrator in years, and not much for years before that,  so I had to look up "live paint bucket." Do realize that a lot of Illustrator and Photoshop features were not available for decades. Affinity at about 2 years is where the Adobe products were at maybe 5, and Affinity's lay out is a lot nicer than Adobe's was at a similar stage.

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