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Multiple issues connecting to a monitor

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I am having a bunch of issues any time I am connected to a monitor and try to do any edits to my files: 


  • Most of the time the workspace will pop up completely black, which I can fix by dragging it back to my  laptop screen and then back to the monitor.
  • When I add text, it will often not be visible at all.
  • When I try to resize and object or text it will work at first and then it will glitch and revert to the previous size or split in half/ other weird bugs.
  • When creating shapes, the shape will not always fill in completely with the selected color or it will create multiple shapes across the page.
  • I have also had some issues with a mirror image flashing on the opposite side of the screen which i can't remove unless i shut down Affinity completely. 


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Hey Gnarlygnats, welcome to the Affinity Forums.


The first issue is known to us when using a Thunderbolt connection. We've been working with Apple to try and solve this for some time. Some users have reported resetting your NVRAM can fix this but it seems to be temporary. 

I am not familiar with the other issues you have raised. Any chance you can do a screen recording to show us what is happening?

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