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Some UI Improvement Suggestions

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First, I have to say that after persisting with Affinity Photo I am now really appreciating it. I think it is the best new program I have used for many years (and I have hundreds of apps on my Mac). The power and quality is brilliant. However I do have some suggested user interface enhancements which I think would make the experience even better...


When choosing the crop tool remember the last mode and other settings. 

When I use resize, if I turn off constrain, leave it off in future until I switch it back on.

When saving JPEGs, remember the quality setting.

A keyboard shortcut for save flattened.

In dialogs with text fields put the cursor in the first field so I can just type.

Remember the position of dialogs, eg Clarity.

Use of dialogs a bit inconsistent: sometimes panel, sometimes dialog, sometimes drop-down.

Why do I choose filters from a menu but effects from a palette?

Let me drag an image from a web page onto AF's icon in the Dock to open it.

If I choose a crop to a size, then resize to the same size, the aspect ratio is off slightly.

When creating a new document default to the size of the image on the clipboard.

The use of the shift key for constraining drags is a bit inconsistent.


These are generally just to save a few clicks and to avoid errors. No big deal but these little things can make a difference, especially when processing many images in a similar way.




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BTW, sorry about the tags. I can't believe I made a typo in both! Can't find a way to fix them.

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