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[Fixed] Issues with .psd from and to Procreate

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The issues have been updated



Hello everyone!


When importing .psd files from Procreate, the layer blend settings will not be imported into Affinity Photo.

Is this to be expected? Is this a limitation of Procreate's .psd export? Is this an issue with Affinity Photo?

I am not using anything fancy. Just some color and some light layers.


Best wishes,


Software used:
Affinity Photo 1.5.1, Affinity Designer 1.5.1, OSX 11.6
Procreate 3.2

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I just uploaded the file. It even looks correctly in OSX's thumbnail preview and the image preview that shows up when selecting the file and hitting the space bar.

Importing the file to Photo, however, will result in all layers set to "Normal".

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Thanks for forwarding!

Also, some more information: Layer opacity values are being recognized. It's just the blend modes that don't get imported.



Maybe this helps finding a solution:

There is a message showing up when opening the Procreate .psd files in Photo:



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I think it's due to spurious tags that Procreate adds.  Doesn't seem to be quite following the PSD spec... again.

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Hey Ben!

Is there going to be a fix for this? It's a lot of work to manually set all the layer blend modes every time when importing from Procreate.


Also, does this happen with Affinity Photo for iPad as well?

I was thinking about buying Photo for iPad to do some smaller adjustments of paintings that I use Procreate for, but it would only make sense if this issue is not present.

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While this is fixed for .pds files from Procreate on iPad, this issue still persists with .psds from Procreate Pocket (iPhone).

I am using Affinity Designer 1.6.0 and Affinity Photo 1.6.6.

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Hey everyone!


I've got more than 500 files that I need to rework in Affinity Photo and reimport to Procreate (.psd originally created in Procreate and edited in Photo).

Those files have a lot of layers that often use layer blending, so .png export for each layer and setting up all the layer blending in Procreate would be a lot of work for that amount of files. I also have a lot of files from Affinity Designer that I need to import to Procreate (.psd originally created in Designer).


However, there are quite some issues with .psd and Procreate still.


I am using the following software:

Affinity Photo 1.6.6

Affinity Designer 1.6.0

Procreate (iPad) 4.0.8

Procreate Pocket 1.6.3


The following issues show up and I don't know what I should do other than actually exporting all the pngs one by one, which would have a major impact on development time (I am working on a video game):


1.: .psd files from Procreate Pocket cannot be opened in Affinity Photo or Designer.


2.: .psd files exported from Affinity Photo or Designer cannot be opened in Procreate (iPad). Procreate states: "Cannot import artwork. File is invalid or corrupt."


Does nobody use Procreate and Affinity software?

These are major issues that I would need to rent Photoshop for.


Best wishes,




Alright, the first issue does not show up right now. I don't know what causes this, but I can open .psd from Procreate Pocket in both Photo and Designer now.


The second issue, though, persists.

To make sure there are no incompatible elements, I rasterized everything. I also tried all the different preset options for .psd export in both Affinity Photo and Designer.


However, I found a workaround now, which may help analyzing the issue (it's still tedious, though):


.psd exported from Photo or Designer work as long as the file has originally been created in Procreate. (This seems rather weird, but Photo and Designer seem to use .psd data from the original .psd when exporting rather than writing a completely new file structure.)


This means:

When trying to import from Photo or Designer to Procreate, it is possible to

- use an empty .psd file from Procreate

- import the content from .afphoto or .afdesign to that file

- export .psd from Photo or Designer

- import that .psd in Procreate



The second issue happens because Procreate doesn't support 16 bit. You have to switch to 8 bit in Affinity Photo or Designer. Then, exported .psd will open in Procreate.

This doesn't seem like a problem with Photo or Designer, but rather an issue with Procreate not telling the user why import is not working. Sometimes it even crashes without any error message whatsoever.




Importing 16 bit .psd to Procreate seems to not work (at least if your device is not P3 compatible).

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