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Customize toolbar/sidebar with everything

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We can customize the main toolbar by long pressing it etc, and then add there some of the basic tools. But how about having a capability to add a filters and effects too there? Or have a own custom sidebar where to add them, so there wouldn't be need to open the list everytime to call something?


It would speed up the workflow when user could add a most used filters and effects as buttons and then just tap them to get them added?

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Hi paristo,

Seems you are referring to the iPad version. Can you confirm please so i can move this post to the right section?

On the Mac you can add filters as tools to the left toolbar (go to menu View ▸ Customise Tools...) but not to the main toolbar.


Hi ghrmedia,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

No, it's not possible to change icon's size. The videos where probably recorded on a lower resolution screen than yours.

If you are using Windows you can try to change the display scaling to 125% to increase the size of the whole interface (this will also affect all other apps and OS).


I advise you to change you forum's username to prevent spammers for getting your e-mail.

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