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Expand Stroke Vector Point Insanity.

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The amount of points created when expanding a stroke is obscene. Frankly, it's hard to believe we are 3 versions into a retail product without this being done correctly. Making SVGs for the web with this software in it's current state is way harder than it should be. Any idea if this is being addressed?




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As Miguel mentioned, this is a known issue and is of a high priority but requires my time to fix it. I have not yet had chance to fix the problem, so there is no progress to report. Yes, I appreciate it's 'vague' but I cannot know at what point I will finish the other issues I'm looking at in order to get to this one - and if I tried to take a guess then I'd only end up with you feeling aggrieved if I missed that date. I intend to implement a different approach using some other code I had to write to enable the corner tool functionality, so the results should be dramatically better. I'm sorry if right now this is causing you serious inconvenience but all users have their own areas that they are particularly interested in seeing improvement in and I have obviously been working my way through all of these as fast as possible.


Many thanks for your understanding,


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Thank you. I'm glad to see there has been progress being made on this.


I've had to stop using this software because of this restriction. I look forward to trying it out again in the future when this is complete.

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