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Hi guys ! :)


I am a IT tech from a State compagny in Quebec city,Canada.

Some of our customers recetly bought Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and we have to check it with some approval rules that our Ministery set.


One of these rules are that we have to hide any updates messages that the software pop. We dont want our custumers to update any software when they want it, because they have some restrict permissions on the computer.


Is there a way to hide the pop up message that I put in attach files ?


Thanks alot and sorry for my bad english  ;)


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In the current 1.5 build there is no option to hide the update available messages, in the future 1.6 build will have a network install tool that will allow you to turn this off.

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Hi everyone,

For windows the solution was found - one need to set registry key:

"No Update Check"=dword:00000001

Can also be set via MSI property "NO_UPDATE_CHECK_PROPERTY" by assigning the value of "#1".

But there is no obvious solution for osx...

In the previous message there was an info about "network install tool" but I can't find any information about it...

Is there is any universal solution for Win and Mac to disable update notification availabe in 1.6.x now?

Thanks in advance.


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On 12/14/2018 at 12:26 AM, christianstrang said:

Thank you so much for this fix, what an annoying "feature".

I'm an IT guy and a photog, its called "Nagware" when you get programs that love to "nag" you to update.  They know eventually most of the people will get sick of seeing it and update it.

The bigger reason behind it is:  Support always follows the newest version. Why? if you have 15 different flavors (versions) you have to support every version which takes a lot more man-hours and people. 

Not that Serif reads these {posts} but they could just make it a policy that you can't get support unless you are fully updated.  Leaving an option inside the software that gives you a popup notification that if you turn off auto updates you may not get support... {until you update}

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