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Patrick Connor

Affinity Designer for Windows Update 1.5.3 Available

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Affinity Designer for Windows 1.6.0 is now live (this is an older thread).


We are pleased to announce the second update for Affinity Designer for Windows (version 1.5.3).


The update can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded, close Affinity Designer and run (double click) the downloaded EXE to install it.


A list of the fixes this release contains is being prepared and will be posted shortly.


To install this version you will need to have the Affinity Designer for Windows already installed OR you will need to type in your email address and a valid Product key when prompted. When installing on top of an existing version you will not be prompted for the product key. If you need it you can find your product key (and a download button) in your Affinity store account, where you will also find the email address used to generate the key when you ordered the software. 


If you have installed any previous customer beta version of Affinity Designer 1.5.3, that beta can be safely uninstalled before or after installing this release update, they are independent installs. The beta will stop working soon anyway.


Please report any problems you have installing or using this new version in the Windows forum here


Patrick Connor

The Affinity Team

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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Here is a list of many of the fixes and improvements included in Affinity Designer for Windows (changes since


These are from our bugs database so are phrased in the negative, but are nevertheless fixed.

  • Fixed colour profile conversion being wrong
  • Internal to screen colour profile conversion corrected
  • Fixed: (User specific) crash opening app on 2nd monitor
  • Fixed: Some Pantone Palettes show spot icon
  • Fixed: Ctrl runup doesn't restore deleted Tone Mapping presets or the Blend Mode dropdown for Adjustments
  • Text blend gamma default set at 1
  • Fixed: App crashing on run up due to window settings
  • Fixed: Can't load LUT file from folder with Chinese characters
  • ASE Swatch Exchange Palettes import with correct name
  • Fixed: Crash after clicking away from input field in Layer Effects
  • Fixed: Moving asset sub category is slow with lots of assets
  • Files saved with selections are now reflected correctly when reopened.
  • Fixed: Unable to undo changes made in the Curves Adjustment
  • Fixed: Unable to type certain Characters on a Polish Keyboard
  • Fixed: Unable to change Input minimum/maximum for Curves Adjustment
  • Vibrance presets differ to Mac and should match
  • Character tab font type dropdown is remembered when docked
  • Path text baseline control has correct ranges
  • Shift Click layers tab: Improved multiple selections
  • Copied swatch automatically appears in palette
  • Input fields: Shift + up/down keys increments value 0.1 units instead of 10 units
  • Fixed: Spot colour spot not outlined
  • Crash fixed when unhiding UI after closing document
  • Can reset more text style values
  • Removed 'Affinity Files' from the Save As dialog
  • Welcome screen fails gracefully when no internet connection is found
  • Fixed: Anchor point box moves when clicking Flip Vertical
  • 'Icon and Text' option remembered when restarting app
  • Fixed: App regularly freezes [file specific]
  • Fixed: Customer crash when saving keyboard profile
  • Crashing on custom keyboard shortcuts (primarily Pixel Persona)
  • It is now possible to set Language: None in the Edit Text Style dialog
  • Uninstalling one Affinity app disables the 'Edit in... ' option in the other app more reliably
  • Fixed: Colour picker loupe dies not display pixels on second monitor on high DPI setup
  • Fixed: Dust & Scratches Live filter is not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed: Slice doesn't export at the correct size when exporting single slices
  • Fixed Added Snapshots are not showing 'Set undo brush source'
  • Fixed 'Alternate' dropdown missing from Pixel Tool context toolbar
  • Symbols snap immediately when you drag them from the Symbols panel
  • Invalid scaling sizes immediately reverted in Slices Panel
  • Can import if no asset categories
  • Fixed: Open > Recent isn't displaying saved documents until the app is restarted
  • Improved: Panels can be hidden by double clicking the header not just the panel label
  • Shadows/Highlights: The effect look same as on Mac
  • Fixed: Dragging the Radius slider to the far right initially knocks the effect off
  • Crash after opening a large amount of PDF's
  • Improved: Free hand Selection Tool is incredibly laggy on a complex document
  • Fixed: Brush Tool leaves marks while we press Space bar key (panning)
  • Fixed: UI locks up when clicking Fill on the context toolbar while holding Space
  • Fixed: Currently enabled Effects expand when adding a new Effect
  • Fixed: Crash when dragging/clicking a node while holding Shift+A
  • Fixed: Moving Gradient Map node using Position slider can change node selection.
  • Tools are no longer drawn over rulers
  • Fixed: Swatches Panel - Colour swatches get cut off at 125% with no scrollbar
  • Redraw issue when using Windows key + arrow key to dock the app
  • Fixed: Panning with a Wacom pen only allows a vertical scroll
  • Improved: Drawing brush strokes in quick succession results in a huge lag
  • Fixed: CMYK values can exceed 100% if you use Shift to scale the colour values
  • Fixed: Aspect ratio is disabled for a curve
  • Help window responds to Windows Key snap shortcuts
  • Fixed: App not appearing in correct position on second monitor
  • Fixed: Stroke width on context toolbar is cut off with to many decimal places
  • Fixed: Eyedropper in colour chooser dialog is cut off on small screens
  • Tool handles move around slightly when resizing
  • File Extensions list was too long
  • Fixed: Mouse Brush painting fails after using Wacom Intuos3
  • Fixed: Stroke with the Fill Tool will cause a crash on Windows 8.1 and Windows 8
  • Fixed: Brush tip lose their cursor preview after selecting different brushes
  • Fixed: No warning message for being unable to export PDF
  • Export dialog now shows what format is being 'exported as' with File Extensions disabled
  • 'Retina PNG-24' preset adds both 1x and 2x files to the list of files
  • Sharpen Tool - 'Alt' now switches to blurring
  • Erase Brush Tool - Drag + Alt does now displays colour picker
  • Crash dragging Fill tool control point fixed
  • Fixed: Can't right-click with specific tools
  • Fixed: Trying to draw after changing context toolbar setting requires extra click
  • Fixed: [File Specific] PDF Unable to open, slows app down to a standstill
  • Fixed: Switching between objects creates extra transform history steps
  • Help: Workspace Modes should have the Seperated Mode references removed.
  • Help: System Requirements still list Mac requirements
  • Now returns to pan when zoom shortcut is used
  • Improved: Slow editing text from an imported PDF
  • Fixed: Changing font size of selected text does not stick and causes tabbing issue
  • Fixed: Colour wheel on flyout does not look correct on specific laptops
  • Multiple translation improvements
  • Multiple UI tweaks, like clipping and tooltips
  • A number of file specific stability issues fixed
  • Auto recovery fix, restore the stream position when scanning for FAT tags.
  • Remember to load the “write thumbnails” preference.
  • Fixed Z Order problem when re-showing welcome screen if modal dialog was active.
  • Fix for welcome screen DPI
  • Swatches: fix for create palette from image being greyed out if accessed before a document is created or opened.
  • Fixed 'Edit Macro' doesn't enable after opening an image if you've right clicked a Macro with no image open
  • Potential fix for crash with multiple files open
  • Fixed clicking on Fill Popup button on context toolbar changes fill on selection

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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