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It's nice that Affinity Photo has got such good support of the 32 floating point mode but it is somehow unfinished. There are particularly two things that I desperately miss:


1. The ability to show the 32 bit float color values in the info panel. How should we work accurately with 32 bit float values if they are displayed nowhere? All that I can see are the conventional RGB values from 0 - 255 but these are meaningless in 32 bit float. 32 bit float per definition contains color values below 0 (actually a bad thing) or above 1 (actually a good thing).


2. Please make the curves dialogue zoomable so we can also edit values that exceed the white point of 1. The values beyond the white point are in fact one of the main advantages of 32 bit float.

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Curves are "zoomable" - you simply adjust the "Input Minimum" and "Input Maximum" to select the bounds of your curves adjustment.  These values can be less than 0 and greater than 1, for unbounded 32bit images.


The display of 32bit color values is not explicitly available (in an "Info" panel, for example) - however, you can open the color picker and use the color picker tool (the eyedropper) to click on a point in the image, and the color picker panel will display the intensity in the R, G and B channels in floating point format, similar to the 32bit color panel in Photoshop.



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