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Does anyone know of a nice way to make a global font replacement in all affinity documents?


I have redesigned a font, and would like all uses of the old font to be replaced by the new font.


example -  Font A is in all affinity design and photo package designs, and would like Font B to replace it.


Just looking for a solution that does not involve opening 500+ documents and *select* replacing every text appearance in each file.


Thank you for any advice you may give.



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If the new font bears the same name as the old one nothing should be necessary, if I’m not mistaken, because it will just automatically load the new font. Other than that, why would it be a problem to select the new font everytime you re-open a file? Clearly, you aren’t opening 500+ files in one go but just when you need them? How often do you open a file from a couple of years back?

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Wow, lots of questions, I'll try and answer them all for you.


Q1. Why is this a problem.


A1. We have many files with multiple occurrences of a font we wish to replace.


Q2. Are you opening all 500+ Files in one go, or just when needed?


A2. We are not opening all 500+ files at the same time, we do need to change out all the fonts in these files though, one at a time before the end of the week for the printers.


Q3. How often do you open files from a couple years back?


A3. We are not opening files from years back, we are opening current product packaging files that are being prepped for print.



I hope that answered all your questions.


Anyone know of a solution, or tip, or a trick in a font manager, or even a terminal command trick?



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